Below are some of the companies that we are affiliating with to enhance our networking and the services we can provide for our client.

Hilton Hall Event

Hilton Hall event is a unique and substantial platform that holds different private and corporate events.

As Networking is one of our core engine to drive to succeed. Via HHE platform, We strengthening our networks with different sectors of industries and exploring different business opportunities.

Social Value Capital

Social Value Capital is an outstanding problem solving firm for clients and investors. Understand the stakeholders objectives to support with technical and financial instruments to provide solutions.

ICDE and SVC have teamed up to provide services of raising funds and capital for different projects and investment opportunities.

Crypto Mastery Club

Crypto Mastery Club is an educational academy that helps individuals navigate the cryptocurrency markets and how to carry out technical analysis on the market data.

In order to gain an edge in understanding the needs of the global financial trend, ICDE have partnered with Crypto Mastery Club to carry out advanced technical analysis on the cryptocurrency markets daily to ensure that we can maintain our business ventures at a high level.

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