ICDE is an international consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom which was established in 2020. Our goal is to ensure that all our clients have a successful business venture.

Our key objectives is to provide business consultation services and solutions for our clients. This can vary from standard business consultations, property development project consultations and other financial consultations.

In order to provide the top range of services with confidence, we have built strong networks and relationships in different sectors of the business. We have also established different partnerships with firms and individuals across the world to maximise our efficiency and services. Our aim is to deliver a satisfactory result to each and every client that requires our assistant in business.


Quick Response: We will always respond to any queries within 48 hours.

Transparency: We will always be 100% transparent with all our clients to construct a stronger bond and trust relationships.

Confidential: We treat all the clients information and businesses in a strictly confidential manor. Accuracy: Ensure client will receive the most accurate information at all times.

Efficiency: We have an exceptionally strong team to provide the best services of consultations and solutions to ensure it will be cost efficient for the clients.

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